Sometimes you need a project done yesterday.

You know the power of compelling copy. It's what moves the prospect toward conversion. You know it's what drives the opens on your emails and the clicks on your buttons.

You also know that some of your copy could be performing better. Or that your homepage has too high of a bounce rate. And that no one on your team has the bandwidth to prioritize it. Sure, they could throw some guesses up and there and hope it sticks. Or spend hours of their time Googling their way through blogposts from Hubspot and Copyhackers.

But that's just way too much time that neither they—nor you—have. And the uncertainty of the spaghetti approach isn't worth it in the first place.

That's the moment.

When          this         damn         project         just needs to get the-f done (and done right)—you bring me in to be your on-demand in-house copywriter.

So...what is it?

Instead of...

...the long freelancer Upwork search, the network reach out, the interview, vetting, project estimate, price negotiation, contract signing... then realize it's been two months since you hoped this project would be finished...

You get...

to jump the line,
skip the price tag,
& get my primo, undivided,
pro copywriting VIP attention to your project...

And, what can you get done for me?

A Day Intensive is super flexible for what you need to get done.

In one day, you can get:

One design-light page written from scratch (like an About Us or a long product page)
A homepage optimized
A short sales page or landing page written
A medium-length sales page optimized
A short-form email sequence optimized (with 1-2 short originals added as needed)

Here's how it works...


All the deets

Right after you book your day, I'll send you a form to define your goals, the deliverables, and get all the deets and research I'll need to jump right in.


Kick-off sync

Two days before your VIP day, we hop on a 1-hour Zoom call where we go over everything: your goal, your form answers, your materials, expectations, and any outstanding questions.


VIP & roll

Your day is YOUR DAY. Once I have all the particulars, I hit it hard for 7 hours.
I'll check in if any questions come up, but otherwise I'm heads down: no calls from other clients and no interruptions. Only the cats are allowed in the office.



At the end of the day, either two things happen: we meet up so I can walk you through the new copy, and I edit with you (live!) for about 30 minutes. Or I send you a Loom video with a full-walkthrough of your copy and how to implement it. Your day, your choice!


High five

We toast to another project off your books!
I'm available for up to a week after your day to answer any questions via email.
Woo hoo!!

A few more particulars.

These work days are completely self-contained and by the end of the day, I aim to deliver you the product we agreed upon. I am completely confident you’ll be satisfied with the draft that I deliver at the end of the day, so I do not offer edits after the day is complete.

That being said, I am available for up to a week after I deliver the copy to answer questions about implementation and meaning.

If you'd like to offer feedback at a certain midpoint during the day, we can absolutely discuss that during our kick-off and determine if it makes sense for the time and scope ahead. Just keep in mind that the more time we spend meeting and chatting, the less time I have to write for you (which might affect the deliverable. Boo.)

With this service, payment is made in full before you schedule it.

And although I don't offer refunds, shit happens, so I get if you need to reschedule.

Book my day.