What if you could deliver your next piece of copy—your very next deliverable—without questioning how good it is and instead with the quiet confidence of a seasoned pro?

I think you might be familiar with a weird confusion-of-feelings that every single copywriter has experienced at some point in their career.

It's after you've poured over hours of voice of customer data. After you've conducted and reviewed your customer interviews, after you've eeked out a SFD (shitty first draft), and after you've edited, swept, and edited again.

It's confusing and weird, because even though you've done all that solid legwork, you still hold onto a bunch of icky questions and messy feelings like:

-"Is it really any good?" ...with gripping anxiety dreams of client rage
 -stomach pits of uncertainty ("How do I know it will work??")
-leg-bouncing nervous anticipation ("Will they like it??"), and then
-the flirting siren of almost-done relief ("I'm so f**ing close!! Can I please be done with this??")

But what if instead of all those doubts...
instead of all that anxiety...
instead of all those questions...

You could close that laptop with a feeling of assurance.
You could call it a night because you feel confident about what you're delivering.
You could actually look forward to presenting your copy to your client.

And you could feel that before your next deadline.

Not after you pass some magic portfolio benchmark of 187 projects that finally extinguishes the spook of imposter syndrome.

Not 10 years into your career...

But before the end of this week.

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it?

If you're ready to shed the doubt about the copy you deliver, it's time you brought on a copy chief.

Jess Kiernan, Conversion Copywriter
Practice Coach inside of Copyhackers Copyschool

Using a copy chief means you can call in an experienced positioning strategist and conversion copywriter to help get your work across the finish line. One to help you spot your best copy, refine your fundamentals, and root out the gaps. 

(Gaps that don't happen because you don't know what you're doing, but because you've been staring at the same 👏 damn 👏 page 👏 for hours on end.)

No one can catch all the mistakes.
That's why even the top copywriters hire a copy chief.

What's more? A copy chief is the secret growth accelerator in every developing copywriter's arsenal.

When you hire me to chief your work, you not only send off your copy all polished up, but you get to see how I edit and think. And how I apply all those principles and frameworks you're learning.

It's like triple bang for your buck.

You see your confidence bloom.
You see your skills grow.
And all your client will ever see is your amazing finished product.

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