When your homepage isn't optimized, it affects the success of every other page on your site.

You know how important the homepage is. It's what every organic visitor uses to gauge whether to stick around. And the copy on the homepage? That moves a prospect toward conversions.

It's what drives clicks on buttons and items being dropped into carts.

But you know this already.

Which is why you also know yours needs work.

Because every time you log into your CMS, every time you check Google analytics, and every time you refer someone to your site, you're reminded of that.

But fixing it takes a lot of time. More time than you have. And how will you know if after all that...it will even work?

David from schitts creek saying, "I am feeling this deep sense of dread"

To be honest...
starting a full-scale web project is daunting.

Because most web projects with pro copywriters take a minimum of 4 weeks. (Usually closer to 10 weeks)

No matter how many pages. Even just a single home page.

And that's just to get the copy.

The meetings, the emails, the approvals, the team wrangling for edits. It's a commitment.

Especially when you've already gone through long projects before: your web dev, market research, the branding exercises. You just need to get your homepage copy over the finish line.

And if that's you...

If you're at the point where 👏 this 👏 damn 👏 project just needs to get the-f done (and done right)—

Then this service might be perfect for you...

With the 48-hour homepage, you get to:

🤸‍♀️ jump the line,

💸 skip the 5-figure price tag,

✅ and get your homepage DONE...

⏱ practically on-demand.

"...it was so good that our client may even trademark one of her headlines as their company tagline!"

headshot of my client, Achille Nangbon Bombom Kombat
We had the team to build the site, but we needed a strategist and copywriter to guide the digital architecture and messaging.

Jess brought everything we were hoping—expertise paired with a personable and professional way that our clients loved.

Her voice of customer messaging was right on with the personas we had identified, and the site architecture was a lean, focused site that was designed to move the user along.

Not only was her copy exactly what our client needed, but it was so good that our client may even trademark one of her headlines as their company tagline!

Achille Nangbon Bombom Kombat
Founder, wEquipu LLC

"Matt lawless testimonial"

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Matt Lawless
VP of Operations, Intelitics

So...how does
a 48-hr homepage work, exactly?

1. Fill out this form

Give me as much info as you can so I can review your website and make sure I have enough to deliver you a solid homepage in this quick turnaround.

The 48-hour homepages are best suited for the businesses who already have their marketing in motion.

2. Schedule 15-min discovery

Once my team has had a chance to qualify your form, we'll reach out to schedule a 15-min discovery and a contract for you to review.

At our meeting, we'll answer your questions and learn more about your goals. That's when get you officially on the calendar and squared away with payment (Because this is so fast turnaround, a 50% deposit is completed before scheduling)

3. Pre-Kick-off

Two days before your kick-off, we hop on a 1-hour Zoom call where we go over everything: your goal, your form answers, your materials, expectations, and any other outstanding questions.

4. Start the clock

48-hours starts now! I usually hold these on Fridays. I work tirelessly on the day one. I add you to my Slack channel and we're in touch throughout the day.

I'll check in if any questions come up, but otherwise I'm heads down: no calls from other clients and no interruptions. Only the cats are allowed in the office.

At the end of the day, we meet up so I can walk you through the copy, where it stands and I edit with you (live!) for about 30 minutes.

5. Revise & polish

Day 2! I take the weekend to get space away from your project so I can come back with fresh eyes on Monday.

Then, it's another long day of hitting it hard.

At the end of the day, I'll send you a video with a full-walkthrough of all your copy, along with all of your copy docs, with detailed notes and instructions on how to implement.

6. Check-in

5-7 days after I send you the copy, we meet for one last 30-min meeting.
There, I answer any outstanding questions you have.

And, most importantly, we toast to a another project off your books!

Woo hoo!!

A few more particulars...

The 48-hour homepage is a completely self-contained project, and I am completely confident you’ll be satisfied with the draft that I deliver at the end of the day, so I do not offer edits after the day is complete.

That's why we check in at the end of day. So you get a chance to give your thoughts, check to see that I've captured your voice, and make sure things look accurate.

That being said, I will check in with you periodically to see how implementation is going and how the copy is working out, because I care. I really want to see you succeed with the copy you received.

Since it is a self-contained service, half payment is made before the day, and the second half is made at the end of day 1.

And although I don't offer refunds, shit happens, so I totally get if you need to reschedule.

OK. The price.

Sooo...I don't start a FULL web project for under $5K, even if it's just a homepage. And it's an 8-10 week process.

This service? It's $3,400—which given that you get a homepage professionally written by a conversion copywriter--in less than a business week??? 

It's a steal. (That's why NO other copywriters offer this service.)

(And did I mention that...depending on your web builder, I may even add all your new copy and layout directly in? All you'll have to do is approve and hit 'publish')

Yes, I want my homepage done.
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